About Us

Established in 2015

If you ask some of my customers, students, my team etc they will tell you that I am that type of person who is curious by nature  and a joyful social entrepreneur

I’m also a philosopher, psychologist, futurist and a specialist in metaphysic, epistemology and pedagogy. And that unique mix of university degrees combined with alternative education in Reiki, SoulBodyfusion, Energypsychology etc and years of concrete work in my field makes me a wellknown coach, speaker, writer etc

In Team Ansel we have top professional consultants who are well known specialists in business startup, company developing, etc

We are pretty sure we can assist you in your magnificent journey in life

Janni Ansel & Team Ansel


We are all here on planet Earth with a mission. Our mission is to travel some of the journey with you on your unique adventure towards independence and a creative life


We want to assist individuals as well as communities, who represent new ways of education and new ways of business development


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